Tap into the insights hidden in your git repositories.

GitSpin aggregates git repo data into a metric dashboard to give you insight into your process and code contributions. With GitSpin, you know what contributions came in last week/sprint/month and how it's changed with time.

  • Pull Requests
  • Commit Activity
  • Line Changes
  • Repo Groups
  • Code Stability

Empowering developers

  • Understand your working habits.

    See at a glance how much code you ship, your pull request activity, and potential bottlenecks.

  • Banish imposter syndrome.

    You can be that rockstar engineer. Nail the right balance between coding speed and stability.

  • Never draw a blank at standups.

    Get an easy overview of your activity yesterday, last week, or last month - any time period you fancy, really.

Improving teams

  • Improve delivery over time

    See what your team accomplished last sprint and how velocity is improving. Identify code stability problems that could be holding you back.

  • Upgrade team dynamics.

    Critical insights into your team's inner process - an overview of commits, change volume, and PRs at a glance. Promote healthy collaboration across projects and people.

  • Data driven engineering.

    Make decisions with objective data. Bring new insights to backlog grooming and sprint planning. You don't have to guess what your team can do in a sprint.

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